Hows your relationship game?

Watch this video by clicking on the face of one of these active Emotional Bungee Jumpers and see them demonstrating how we deepen our Listening, Vulnerability, Coaching, and Facilitation Skills.

So what is this?

Emotional Bungee Jumpers is a Leadership Development community focused on deepening communication skills:

  • Connecting with the person in front of you
  • Asking interested questions
  • Giving & receiving feedback
  • Vulnerability

📅Group calls on 2nd Friday of the month beginning June 9th

*best be prepared to level up your self awareness🤫

👉jump now👈


Listening to understand requires more than staying quiet while formulating an intelligent response. 

Question Asking

Water skiing and relying on leading questions keeps us from deeply connecting in our conversations.


Giving & Receiving feedback is kryptonite for alot of professionals. Building this skill takes reps.


This is the Bungee Jumping part. Vulnerability is a high risk sport with no practice field.

Tatsuya "Tats" Nakagawa

I just participated in the inaugural emotional bungee jumpers community group with other professionals in the #construction industry. As advertised, it worked on listening skills, question-asking, and feedback skills and, above all, improving vulnerability and building trust. I was impressed that you could improve those things while on a video call. So if those things are on your list to improve this year, then check it out; I can definitely see the value in the group.


Buddy Brumley

Want to learn new communication skills? Want to have fun doing it ? Get on board asap!!! We are keeping it real and improving ourselves along the way. Join us in the Emotional Bungee Jumpers group!!!

Monthly Calls & Challenges

The Emotional Bungee Jumpers connect on monthly video calls and participate in monthly challenges

On Line Community

The crew will have access to an online community app to hype each other up and seek support in a safe & secure space 

3 Lean & Love Reflection Journals

Each crew member gets 3 reflection journals per quarter. To use in their efforts in building deeper relationships.

Lean & Love Audio Book

Access to the Lean & Love Audio book to aid in deepening your relationships with others

The Community has grown rapidly

So we opened a second group that will be meeting on the 2nd Friday of the month at 2pm Central beginning June 9th

Dont get left out