I help Construction Leaders cultivate 'buy in' through building an environment that serves the trades, their team members, and their clients.

How Can We Serve YOU?


We, at Depth Builder, are committed to working with leaders, who are focused on cultivating 'buy in' and building an environment that serves, both their clients and their team members.


How Can We Serve YOU?

"I'm here to enhance the image of careers in the trades...
and share the real human side of the men and women out there doing the work..."


Jesus "Jesse" Hernandez Jr is a salsa dancing, podcasting, book writing, construction professional, who is introducing people to the promise they are intended to be. His message is one of Contribution, Ownership, and Vulnerability.

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Welcome to Lean & Love, the book that will help you alleviate stress and pressure from your personal and professional relationships!

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The Socials

Whether I'm connecting with old friends or meeting new ones, social media has given me a platform to share my voice. 

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My mission is to enhance quality of life by eliminating poorly designed work. 

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