SQI is for People Centered Construction Leaders who want to equip their team with the tools to increase production and elevate the standards of care in the field.

Do you want to improve production and have a good time doing it? 


  • a repeatable process for optimizing safety & production in the field
  • the cheat code for overcoming resistance to change
  • a simple method for knowledge transfer

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Equip your front line leaders with a way to:

• Improve the standards of care for your workforce
• Optimize the work for high production
• Overcome the natural resistance to change
• Standardize improvements for Scalability

Virtual SQI

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First Session  will be on Tuesday June 25th at 11am Central

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If you are interested in this training but your schedule doesnt allow for the current session never fear, we got more this year😉

  • Q2 Session starts Friday April 5, at 10am Central
  • Q3 Session starts Tuesday June 25, at 11am Central
  • Q4 Session starts Saturday September 21, at 10am Central 
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