How to Capture Attention

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What are the ingredients of influence? The kind of influence that inspires others to take courageous steps towards leaving this world better than they found it. The kind of influence that helps people disconnect from self preservation and short term thinking.

Im pretty sure when you think of people with this type of influence there are a small number of people that come to mind. And trying to describe what makes them this special kind of different would be difficult. But you know them. One easy indicator is that they are usually at the front of the room, meaning they are highly visible.

But visibility isnt what makes them influential. Sure there are some 'influencers' that get a whole bunch of unearned credibility due to their visibility but their impact is loose and evaporates quickly. 

Still i kinda want to start there, as in what gets people on the stage or more specifically what are the things these world changers do that captures my attention. And Id love to get your thoughts about what captures your attention such that you gift these folks with your trust and attention.

The first 3 things that come to mind are:

  • Micro Habits
  • Do they Cosign
  • Do they contribute


Changing someones day does not require grand acts of kindness. A simple smile, a fist bump, or a high five can transform someone's energy. Just like avoiding eye contact, eye rolls, or complaining can take the wind out of your sails. 

The type of influencers that get the nod from me seem to actively seek out ways to share a boost of positive energy. They dont complain about things they arent prepared to take action on upon. Everyone they speak to gets their undivided attention. 

It appears as if they have never had a bad day. But not in the delusional positivity type of way. They have a stern awareness of the problems and issues out there and if you were to ask them what they think about big problems, they readily respond with a sober assessment that helps you understand exactly where they stand on the issue. There is nothing wishy washy about them and yet in passing they always exude a friendly play like energy. 

I label this as Micro Habits because there are a mazillion decisions they have made that help them show up this way. Their mindset and energy are something they work hard on every day. All that work is hidden behind the contagious smiles they flash and the burden they carry is hard to see when their spotlight shines down on us.

Do They Co-Sign

Im not talking about helping you buy that new shiny car. By Co-Sign I mean: is it clear that they support other people. Especially people that could be their competition.

This is a big one for me. Mostly because my competitive mindset has betrayed me many times. But these folks seem to have a firm grasp on an abundance mindset. They operate in a way that makes it seem as if they have no fear of the competition. 

Its like they do some kind of Jedi jujitsu and transform competition into collaboration. 

And when they do co-sign someone its like "of course". They seek out like minded folks and share their experience and influence with the old guard and the up and comers alike. They generously give away credit, attention, and air time.

I wonder would you think these people were foolish for taking a backseat in support of others?  Do you subscribe to the thinking that says the only way to get ahead is to establish yourself as the authority in the room?

Do They Contribute

This is a little different than Co-signing since its specifically around how they serve. This is tricky because they may be generating income from the services they provide, but their primary purpose is to enhance the quality of life for others. And not in an abstract kind of way.

The ones I know contribute via: dollars, time, mentoring, coaching, and so on.

Or they take on big hairy problems and engage their relationships to begin chipping away at a problem they may not live to see resolved. Still they take it on because they know someone has to get the ball rolling and they aint scared to get their hands dirty.

These are the ingredients that I admire most. These are the type of people I aspire to be, and the fastest way I know how to be more like them is to spend more time with them. 

So if you are one of these people, lets be friends๐Ÿ˜‰

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