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When I was a kid I really thought all I had to do was be bigger, faster, and stronger to be a professional athlete. But now I know it takes way more than that. The most interesting thing they do is "study game film" and not just because they want to watch themselves, like I would, but to find those teeny tiny adjustments that will produce gigantic results.

And we kind of do this by using a mirror in the morning when fixing our hair or as we walk by a reflective window to check out our fit. But why do we stop there? Many of us will be tapped on the shoulder to do some public speaking or at the very least deliver a presentation at work. Im sure I am not the only one that has delivered a presentation and thought afterwards "what the hell did I say". Or received positive feedback about the delivery, the energy, and the engagement. All of which we are blind to as the presenter.

But if we had video to study we could see the things we did well and we could identify the things we want to improve on. And let me tell you, at first it is super icky to watch yourself and hear the way you deliver your message but that wears off.

Now, you know my heart is with the men and women in the trades and I believe the things they contribute to our word far exceeds that which professional athletes do. But again we are blind to it and when I say we im talking about you, me, their supervisors and the trades professionals too.

They put years and years into constructing the spaces that our youth learn in, the spaces we receive medical care at, the spaces we spend our most intimates moments in and almost no one knows the fine details of what they do or how to help them elevate their game.

This is nuts! And here is why:

  • the work is not designed for optimal production
  • the construction market is growing by $650 BILLION between now and 2029
  • craft professionals are leaving the workforce faster than they are coming in

and most importantly

  • the inherent burden in the work is stealing life from our trade professionals

So what in the world does this have to do with with "studying game film"? Well Im glad you asked😉

A super small number of #OGLeaders are applying the same thinking elite athletes and world class competitors have been doing for years.

And that is precisely "studying game film" and when i say studying, i mean all the way down to the nano level of the work. They are capturing their crews on video, not to bash them and point out all the things they are doing "wrong" and not only the birds eye view only focusing the movement of material. As that is the typical approach which is necessary but there is an ocean of improvement when we get up close and personal with the work.

The "How" is get close enough to capture the eyes and hands of the worker, be in their hip pocket as they perform a few cycles of work. Then break down that work. The closer they look the more treasure they have found. 

Accessing this new universe to tinker around in has helped them redesign the work for optimal production, form meaningful relationships with the folks doing the work, and capture the new best way for knowledge transfer.

If you are a forward thinking leader, thats also a little wacky Id love to see you on March 22nd so I can demonstrate how to "study the game tape" and contribute to your efforts in leaving this world better than you found it.

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