Improving the work, Right Now

sweat equity

"Its an actionable way to improve the work for the people DOING the work, RIGHT. NOW."

This was shared by one of the Micro SQI Learning Experience super awesome attendees. Which was exactly what I hoping to hear because I dont like wasting peoples time. I wanted to provide folks with a new perspective to view work through and give them an overview of how Virtual SQI could impact their jobsites. The feedback I received indicates that I didnt bore people to death with a poorly disguised sales pitch. A little context for you,

Virtual SQI is designed to deliver 4 mind shifts:

  • Gold at the Micro Level
  • Resistance to Trust
  • Scaling the Goodness

and ultimately: I CAN BE A BETTER LEADER

The Micro Learning Experience was focused on "Gold at the Micro Level" and not only did the group stay on for the whole presentation some of them actually filled out the survey!!! and all of them agreed that the session was a valuable use of their time. 

So Yes Im stoked!!!! 

Now not all the feedback was peaches & cream. One person shared their disappointment around the other Mind Shifts being glossed over. Truth be told this courageous person has been through the entire Virtual Sweat Equity Improvement course, so he has first hand experience of the transformation. And his feedback will definitely be incorporated into the March session.

The next one will still require the focus and attention from attendees, specifically to participate in the assignment we start off with, the pic below will give you an idea of what that assignment is.

Another beautiful take away shared by another attendee was "Its not only about production, making the work better makes it easy to get to know the names of the people doing the work and learning about what they go through" Which for me is the core element of the "Gold at the Micro Level" mind shift.

The Construction Leaders who have this awakening are better equipped to provide an environment where their people can thrive and grow. And this is how we will transform the Construction Industry. 

Youre probably thinking "Damn it, I missed it" well kinda sorta but not really. Yes you did miss the live session but the replay is available on demand for you and your team. 

You are invited to sign up and be introduced to a new way of studying and improving work. Hit this link and be ready for a little work while you watch:

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