No more one and done

sweat equity

Do you remember a time when management pointed out that your project was behind and the budget was busted? 

I do, I remember a ton of monthly meetings where all I had to look forward to was a bunch of grey hairs letting me know how much I sucked. That was the core motivation behind my obsessive focus on making work better. 

But early on I would flex my Continuous Improvement muscles and only solve the immediate pain I was experiencing. Project performance improved and I promised myself "the next one will be different"

Sound familiar? Well I got some fire for ya.

And it only took me about 300 times of doing it the wrong way to figure it out. 

You see every time I jumped into my super lean dude costume it was in REACTION to less than awesome outcomes. I would ease the acute pain and move on, only to experience that pain again.

I think it makes sense that alot of us do this. Our minds get clouded by the loud and urgent chaos that jobsites can be. 

This is why the Virtual SQI learning experience has an entire module focused on identifying "How to Stay in Front of it" and an Alumni group. 

In the 6th session we walk through the reactive and proactive situations SQI can be used. This sets the learner up to take what theyve learned and carry it forward to the next project and the rest of their career. Enabling them to SCALE THE THINKING for themselves, their crews, and the organizations they work for.

The SQI Alumni group was established in response to previous SQI learners being the only person in their organization doing this type of Leader work. The group engages in sharing lessons learned, trouble shooting, and brain storming ways to continue making work better. All in an effort to keep the fire burning.

Virtual SQI is a serious time commitment and you may be thinking you gotta be some kind of Lean Construction expert in order to have any success in this course. So Im gonna be holding a Micro SQI Learning Experience on Monday January 8th to bring more clarity on what Virtual SQI has to offer.

Sign up for the micro learning session but you best be prepared to have your Lean Construction Lenses recalibrated.

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