How to have Outstanding Quarterly Progress

sweat equity Mar 30, 2024

Q1 is done and so what? Well maybe you made some plans for this year and you havent checked in on them plans. I made some plans too and this is my way of checking in and inviting you to speak into my life.

Last year I spent alot of time throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what would stick. It was my first full year of running my business or more appropriately trying not to let everyone know that Im just trying to learn how to run a business🥸 That being said business is good not only in terms of revenue and back log but I spent the whole year working with #OGLeaders. Which reinforced my appetite to spend my time doing transformational stuff.

So I made a decision to focus my efforts on Sweat Equity Improvement and Emotional Bungee Jumpers, because I can physically see the impact those programs have on people. Yes this is evidence of my need for instant gratification, being able to witness the light bulb moments makes me feel good. Like I am sharing my gifts and talents in service to others. And because I weighed in at 213 pounds, my heaviest ever, I also decided to that I need to honor myself better and here is the thinking I am using:

Pick an Approach

  • there are way more options than I could have expected, especially after I began researching. Coincidentally😉  my social feeds had all kinds of "How to..." and "Top 10 ways to..."
  • So the approach I picked was simple actions that I could do every day, I defined simple as:
    • Low Impact
    • Low Investment
    • Flat learning Curve

Adjust the Check Point

  • I am obsessive about tracking progress which lends itself to getting blinded by "activity". And I want major change right now all the time, which lends itself to burn out.
  • So I stretched out the time horizon between "adjustments" meaning I am not making any adjustments to the plan except for once a month because daily gains are hard to see. 
  • I let the previous months performance be my bench mark and my Daily goal was simply to Do The Damn Thing.


  • I have made sustainable progress, the numbers are moving in the right direction, and Q2 looks like stable progress.

Next Steps

  • Do more of what works
  • Dont start new stuff

This is also the formula I am following for my business. Where are you with your plans for the year and what do you think of my recipe?

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