Is it attraction or is it Trust

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The lesson in Story 13 is about trading instant gratification for long term impact. The instant gratification referenced in this story is sex. Yup the age old need & vice that challenges responsible decision making of the most practical among us. 

The long term impact comes from not acting on the attraction and allowing the connection to grow. But that attraction is real! Lets consider 3 sides of attraction,

  • Theres the obvious one, physical attraction.
  • Then we have emotional attraction. This one reveals itself as we share intimate details with each other. 
  • Lastly we have my weakness, intellectual attraction. This one feels like "wow Ive never been able to share my thinking in this way and you get it"

The tricky part is the place where these 3 collide. You just never know when they are gonna hit, that being said they are rooted in the gift of focus and attentive listening. As that interaction goes on you begin to notice special little things, a curious smile, penetrating eye contact, interest & intrigue. Time seems to stop around you. This is where the decision presents itself. The decision to act on the attraction or allow the connection to grow into something way more profound.

It is my assertion that acting on the attraction by breaking the physical barriers, drives a stake into what that relationship could have been. The future we experienced through that connection disappears because we tried to trap it in our hands. But if we exercise discipline in delayed gratification the connection will grow. The version of ourselves that is reflected in their eyes continues to thrive. We can continue to amplify the hidden qualities that only surface when we are together.

This delayed gratification leads to taking bold steps in directions that have previously been avoided. It leads to courageous growth into the Promise we are Intended to Be. All we have to do is sacrifice instant gratification.

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Be cool and we'll talk at you next time😎

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