I get tremendous fulfillment in providing folks with a memorable experience while exchanging knowledge and my goal is to impact you in such a way that you change the way you "show up" 

The services listed below are designed specifically to cause a shift in your thinking. 

Scroll down and find some ways to expand your influence and deepen the value you provide at work and at home.

Are you looking for a way to improve production in the field that can be carried from job to job?

Sweat Equity Improvement (SQI) is what you are looking for.

You will walk away a repeatable process for improving production and the experience of applying the system on your jobsite.

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Leadership Development

Emotional Bungee Jumpers is a community experience focused on developing our communication capabilities.

Targeted outcomes:
- Deepened Listening skills
- Deepened coaching skills
- Deepened Vulnerability

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Communication Capabilities

Does it feel like your team is fighting against each other? Or is there some kind of funky disconnection between your team members?

Either way their performance is impacting your clients experience. These on site workshops have helped several project teams improve execution and overcome the invisible barriers between them and the success they are capable of.

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Sweat Equity Improvement
Hands On Field & Classroom Learning

Sweat Equity Improvements (SQI) is an improvement system that enhances safety, quality and production while earning buy in from the men and women performing the work. SQI is an intense hands on and classroom experience focused on designing scalable improvements that will serve both the business and the people.

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