When does Knowing Cost too much

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If you are compelled to question the establishment you will relate to Story #7. Now you may or may not have outwardly expressed your curiosity and asked "Why" as recklessly as I have? The key point is Curiosity comes with friction. Questioning the establishment feels like a challenge to those who have blindly accepted it, and our questions force them to choose between saying "I dont know" and crushing someone else's sense of self. Ill let you guess what I dealt with.

Maybe its just the way I went about it, but my experience was and still has been challenging. The difference is today I have a whole bunch of reps in questioning why. And I know my ever questioning mind puts people on the defensive. My best guess is part of their defensive response comes from the realization that they just fell inline. I would go as far as saying they are a victim of their environment, when we all have been conditioned to stand up and walk to the next room, when the bell rings with out question. Of course, ferocious curiosity is going to be viewed as a malady.

Often our need to understand leaves us more confused. I found my relentless questioning left the people closest to me in a state of disappointment. In the book I talk about my moms embarrassment, though she was proud of me for many things she struggled in seeing my behavior as curiosity, and categorized it as disrespectful. Though I knew my failure to comply was the source of her disappointment, I persisted. 

I think the biggest awakening I had through this life of wondering, questioning, and challenging is that people are beautiful conundrums of what they want to be, what they can be, and they think is expected of them. 

Because of this we must give them and ourselves grace. 

Im curious to know how you reconcile the rejections youve experienced when asking why? Id love it if you shared your response in the socials❤️

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